Skim It

Providing the coolant contamination solution for your CNC machine tools

We know just how disastrous tramp oil can be to your coolant, directly impacting fluid quality and leading to problems with your machine tools. Our bespoke products offer you a direct solution to your production problems, helping save you time and money.
Skim It

Providing the coolant contamination solution for your CNC machine tools

With 1-year warranty as standard, it’s never been easier to ensure your coolant is contamination-free – helping you, and your production run smoothly.
Skim It

Providing the coolant contamination solution for your CNC machine tools

Our disk skimmers remove up to 15 litres of tramp oil per hour, effectively cleaning all oil in the coolant tank – helping increase fluid life whilst enhancing production.
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Our goal is to support the UK’s general engineering processes with a range of high-quality oil skimmer products, directly improving the quality of machine tool coolant in the cutting process.

So far, we have provided thousands of business from a variety of industries with our compact and durable units, implementing a low-cost solution to their issues with tramp oil. The new SKIM-IT range uses the latest skimming technology to keep coolant fluid tanks clear of contaminants, guaranteeing extended tool life and accuracy.

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What is tramp oil?

Tramp oil is one of the major contaminants of coolant. It usually originates from leaky hydraulic systems, gearboxes, spindles and slideway lubrication systems, predominantly used on modern machine tools.

The oil accumulates on the coolant surface, mainly due to differences in gravity, surface tension the way in which oil bonds itself. This viscous, surface-level fluid makes it relatively easy to remove. However, if not treated effectively, it seals the coolant from the air, creating an ideal culture for the rapid growth of micro-organisms.

How does tramp oil affect me and my coolant?

The effects of tramp oil on coolant and operatives are as follows:

  • A severely unpleasant smell
  • Issues with rusting and corrosion
  • Elevated risk of skin problems such as dermatitis
  • Increased deterioration in fluid lifespan and quality
  • Amplified costs for fluid renewal and disposal
How can I prevent tramp oil contamination?

Below are some top tips for keeping your coolant contamination-free:

  • Ensure that your machine and sump is cleaned and decontaminated before filling with fresh coolant.
  • When pre-mixing the coolant, strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended dilution for best results.
  • Check your fluid regularly, keeping an eye out for signs of contamination so as to tackle the problem promptly should it arrive.
  • Use one of our bespoke products to ensure any contamination that does occur is eradicated.
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