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The Tramp Oil Remover – SKIM IT

Skim It is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Pumps and Equipment (Warwick) Ltd., which has been firmly established over forty years. Supporting general engineering with a range of products based on the delivery of machine tool coolant in the cutting process. Skim It was formed from the acquisition of Tecmaco in 2018. Pumps and Equipment supply coolant pumps and associated equipment throughout the world, either directly or through a network of distributors in the UK.

The new Skim It range of tramp oil removers, belt skimmers and disk skimmers from Pumps and Equipment deliver the complete solution to your CNC machine tool coolant contamination issues.

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Oil Skimmers

The solution to tramp oil contamination in industrial coolants is to fit a tramp oil skimmer. Tramp Oil Skimmers removes the tramp oil, which floats on the surface of a cutting fluid tank. This minimizes the contaminants in the cutting fluid, reducing inefficiency and decreasing health and safety risks.

For single machine tools the removal of tramp oil in the coolant is achieved by the fitting of a tramp oil skimmer. There are two oil skimmer models in our range, disk or belt – see website for details. For a more demanding application we recommend an Oil Separator.

Oil Skimmers Belt Skimmer
An example of a belt skimmer

Tramp Oil

Tramp oil usually originates from leaky hydraulic systems, gear boxes, spindles etc. and from total loss slideway lubrication systems, as used on many modern machine tools.

The oil accumulates on the coolant surface effectively sealing it from air which creates an environment for rapid growth of micro-organisms.
The results are:

As tramp oil often has a direct impact on the quality of machine coolants, this decrease in coolant quality then often causes problems to machine tools. This can include tool wear, poorly finished components and inconsistent results when machining.
Beyond the impact to machining, there is the health and safety hazard tramp oil poses to individuals. Components that are handled have often been used in combination with lubricants, if those lubricants have a high level of tramp oil, then exposure to this can cause skin problems, such as dermatitis.

Disk Skimmers

We recommend disk skimmers over belt skimmers if you have the room to fit a disk skimmer on your machine. A disk skimmer is the simplest and most effective solution for removing tramp oil from small to medium sized tanks.

  • Oil Removal Rates Up to 8 litre an Hour
  • Easily Fitted
  • Low Cost
  • High Temperature Version Available (90°C)
An  example of a disk skimmer

Looking for your Tramp Oil Solution? SKIM IT uses the latest skimming technology to keep coolant fluid tanks clear of contaminants, which extends tool life and accuracy.

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